Our Vision

Mercy Memorial School aims at promoting integral formation of students by a sound, moral, intellectual, physical, emotional and social education, in order to prepare them to face the challenges of life and to establish a peaceful nation of love, justice, truth, peace & harmony, thus leading them to the Nobel Citizens of Tomorrow.

For a child, his first contact with the world is the school where there is joy, healthy competition, adjustments, sharing and love and we nurture all this in a child to be a balanced human being. In Mercy Memorial, we are trying to shape academic excellence with good human value system so that when a student of Mercy memorial passes out from this institution, a Mercian can hold his head high as a true Indian and is capable enough to do most extraordinary things in the most ordinary situations, thus proving "what we are is God’s gift to us, what we become is our gift to God".

Our past is our strength, the present –our courage and the future - our hope.