Imagination is the research laboratory of discovery - Steven Magee

Children develop this habit at an early stage and, given some assistance, can prove to be very innovative. Laboratories in the school help the students to become innovative and understand the basic experiments related to Science and Technology. State of the art Laboratories are set up for the following subjects :

    1. Physics
    2. Chemistry
    3. Biology
    4. Computer Science

Students who experiment in these laboratories need to be very careful about everything they do, lest their actions have serious consequences not only for them for others also. All students who are admitted in the Science section must follow the following rules strictly. Failure to comply with rules will invite serious disciplinary action that includes expulsion from school, if necessary. Parents are expected to be aware of the rules and regulations and must ensure that their wards follow them strictly.

  • Students must follow the instructions of their respective teachers.
  • Students must maintain silence within and while moving to and from the laboratories.
  • All equipments, apparatuses, chemicals and components in the laboratories need to be handled very carefully. Damage to any equipment or apparatus will have to be made good by the student/s involved. They will be charged an amount equivalent to the cost of equipment/ consumables individually or collectively. Wastage of chemicals and stains is not permitted. The decision of the Principal/Manager regarding the amount payable is final and binding. Such amount will be deposited at the fee counter on the following day of receiving the instruction.
  • All students must wear prescribed lab coats and other accessories like, gloves, goggles etc. An accessory kit containing a pair of scissors, blades, forceps, needles, disposable needles, muslin cloth, ruler, pencil, eraser, calculator etc. must be brought for the practicals of respective subjects as guided and instructed by the respective teachers. All students must bring their lab manuals & record files on the days of practicals.
  • They will remain in their allotted positions without causing any inconvenience to others. They shall remain silent and listen to the instructions given by teachers or assistants.
  • They will be more careful in the Chemistry laboratory as carelessness can become injurious. In case of any mishap, the student is expected to follow the instructions of the teacher/s and avail first aid to minimize any possible damage. Spirit lamps should be lighted only with the help of lab assistants.
  • The school takes adequate precaution and safety measures but will not be blamed or sued for any mishap. Parents who wish that their wards should not perform any experiments in the laboratory due to any reason must inform the Principal in writing.
  • Students who practice in the Computer Laboratories must follow tho instructions issued to them from time to time regarding booting, shutting down, preparing and saving files in the system etc.
  • They are not expected to cause any damage to any system by mishandling or rough handling. Students who are found to be indulging in unethical practices will be banned from entering the Computer Laboratory for the rest of the period of their study in the school. They can also be expelled for violation of any rules.
  • It is essential to follow Internet protocol while using Internet. Students are expected to use Internet services only for matters related to their syllabus. Watching/surfing sites not related to their syllabus/ approved by the teacher will render a student guilty of violation of rules and such students will be banned from using Internet/ entering the Computer laboratory.
  • Any student found misusing Internet facility within or outside the school which may lead to any criminal offence according to Indian or International codes will have to leave the school and will be rusticated with immediate effect. Such students will not be eligible to receive a character certificate with a 'Good' remark also. Students once suspended are not eligible to receive a character certificate from the Principal.